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Womens Retreats

During our Womens Retreats, we not only take you surfing, and teach you some beautiful new yoga techniques; We aim to take you on a deeper journey and help discover what truly motivates and inspires you as a woman.

In this modern age it is easy to find ourselves wound into a more masculine, striving and driving way of being. Salty Soul womens retreats aim to nurture our feminine nature. Especially in regard to how we approach challenging environments such as surfing.

Our women's retreats create an opportunity to step out of our overstimulated modern life.  Relax and begin to re-balance your active ’yang’ masculine states with your more receptive, feminine ‘yin’ nature.

Through the process of surfing and yoga we navigate all of these polarities. Ultimately allowing you to find a healthy balance and receive fresh perspective and inspiration. 
We invite you to tune into the elemental forces of nature, drop deeper into self-awareness and create some beautiful new connections along the way.
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Womens Retreat Fiji

Surf | Yoga | Nourishment

During our Women's retreats you will be Spending your days surfing, relaxing, and enjoying the like-minded company of others in Yamba and the surrounding beaches; There is no better way to unwind from the daily draws of life.

And of course, no surf and yoga retreat would be complete without delicious, high vibrational food!

On our catered retreats we share a nourishing, vegetarian, plant-based diet. As a result our in-house chef will guide us to learn more about the key aspects of our meals.

We will share some awesome new recipes and hopefully inspire you to develop some healthier eating practices for when you return home.

Womens Retreats


In the yoga classes we will move between gentle morning flow sessions and the deep release of afternoon Yin Yoga.

Our sessions are tailored to work with the conditions, your individual needs and the group flow.

Yamba Yoga Classes


During our surf sessions we take the time to stretch before each class and assess the conditions thoroughly. 

Surfing of course, keeps you fit and is super fun. However, it is also a great tool for learning more about ourselves, and how we respond to challenging situations.

Developing strength and flexibility are also integrated into all our surf sessions.

Womens Surf and Yoga Retreats


Take time out to nurture yourself.

Tune in deeper with your souls desires. Enjoy Meditation and mindfulness practices with the elements.

Nourish yourself with healthy food. Connect with like-minded community.

The perfect medicine for a salty soul.

Womens Retreats Ocean


Salty Soul Surf & Yoga retreats are all about moving in synchronicity with the elements. Tuning into the tide, wind and ocean conditions. Expect to wake with the sunrise, starting the morning with beach yoga, assessing the conditions and drawing inspiration for the day.

Example of a womens retreat daily program:

(for full details and to discuss personalised options feel free to contact us directly)

7am: Sunrise Beach yoga

7.30: Morning Surf lesson

9.30: Breakfast 

10-12: Free surf or free time at the beach

12noon: Lunch

1-4pm: Rest

4pm: Afternoon restorative Yin Class

6pm: Dinner

7pm: Evening discussion 

8pm: Bedtime Yoga Nidra



Salty Soul offers private beach front accommodation right in the heart of Yamba. Get ready to soak up the energy and healing sounds of the ocean as you sleep in your private accommodation -  right on the beach.

This is your opportunity to experience the Australian beach culture and really get away from it all. We invite you to experience the benefits of a salty lifestyle and the healing power of nature.

Our beach house is within walking distance to all of towns amenities and a 30 second skip to the waters edge, you couldn't be in a more perfect setting!
Yamba accomodation