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This page is updated regularly so keep an eye out for classes that suit you & please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions or requests.


Yoga Classes

On Request - Sunrise Beach Yoga - 6.30am, by the Main beach ocean pool

Every Thursday - Yin Yoga - Relax and Unwind - 4pm, Higher Ground Retreat

2nd Sunday of each month - Yin Yoga/ Sound Healing - 5pm, Raymond Laurie Sports Centre

Surf Lessons


By appointment only - please contact us here



Upcoming dates

5 day Eco Adventure Retreat (all inclusive $1195)

April 24th-29th (Autumn)

July 19th-24th (Winter)

Sept 11th-16th (Spring)

Dec 26-31st (Summer)

Weekend Eco Retreat Stays (self catered $395)


Pure Surf  Yoga Weekend Retreat ($995)


Register your interest for these retreats or alternative dates.