Zen Thai Shiatsu

Zen Thai Shiatsu

If you are looking for more ease in your body, deep relaxation and a full system reset then this unique healing modality can take you there.
Zen Thai shiatsu is a beautiful fusion of Japanese Zen Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Massage married together with Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.
This is a movement based therapy, often described as ‘dream yoga’ where the client is able to completely let go and be taken into a deep altered state. Through the fascia unwinding and connective tissue release, locked emotions and energetic patterns can be dissolved. Zen Thai Shiatsu is gaining momentum around the globe with a reputation of effectively dealing with issues of the muscle-skeletal, digestive and nervous system.
The healing therapy is performed on the mat, fully clothed, with passive stretching, rocking and gently working the meridian lines of the body as we unwind the connective tissue (fascia). 
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Common conditions addressed:

  • Lower back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Digestive complaints
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Energy depletion
  • Immune system
Allow yourself to melt into a deep state of surrender and let go of tension you may not even be aware you were holding. Invite more vitality into your life as you increase organ function and allow Qi to flow more freely through the body
Zen Thai Shiatsu is a perfectly balanced dance of power, grace and intention. I invite you to step into this healing journey together.
Bookings by appointment only. 1.5 hour sessions $100 with %50 promotional discount for sessions made prior to 1st Dec 2022.

“When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.”

Thich Nat Hahn.

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